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Subject: Dragon Quest IX (LEVEL 5)
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runestar 2.12.08 - 05:40am
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the starry skies
Nintendo DS
Developer: Level 5
Publisher: Square-Enix
JP 11.07.2009
US 11.07.2010
EU 23.07.2010

runestar 11.12.08 - 01:12am
http://wapgroups.com/pics/runestar/w8UVOqd7FrismQL1aUAP.jpg 3a1gX031CwaTfXgBm3vI.jpg scrs *

runestar 8.08.09 - 06:43am
post update *

runestar 10.06.10 - 04:50pm
Getting closer, yo! redalert.GIF *

runestar 30.06.10 - 09:52pm
DQ 9 is probably the reason why the english version of DQ 6 is delayed. I bet all resources went on IX work.GIF *

runestar 18.07.10 - 02:27pm
Should arrive in EU as planned. *

runestar 2.08.10 - 03:43pm
They slightly underestimated the demand and the game has gone out of stock quickly in some areas. tomato.GIF *

runestar 24.08.10 - 01:14pm
And they supplemented their stock with foreign versions. confuse.GIF I have a swedish box/manual. And that's not even the first time for me, i also got swedish package of Soul Calibur II for Gamecube back on it's release. Though to be fair i got it like 2 weeks before street date so no complaining and the manual probably didn't contain that much valuable info anyway. Tackled the game six-zero and grinded to like LV96 or something with Charade (the randomized-character-moves-character) *

warded 10.10.17 - 08:57pm
Here's a proper cover box shot.
4X1TzRJFL9wC7y0Eox27.jpg *

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